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I have a very old Linguaphone course and would like to have it valued. Can you help me?

Unfortunately, we are unable to value older Linguaphone language courses. However, if you would like further information on an old Linguaphone course, we would recommend that you contact the British National Sound Archives in London, as they have a copy of our older courses and may be able to provide more details on your course. I am afraid they too will be unable to provide a valuation.

I have an older Linguaphone course. Would you be interested in purchasing it from us?

As we already have a copy of every course produced in our archives, I am afraid we would not be interested in taking the course off your hands. We would recommend that you try to sell your course privately.

My sincere thanks to Linguaphone. You have helped me learn this language for my work.  

Hassan Khoury

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